About A Faster Horse

A Faster Horse is a podcast providing an analytical view at media and technology and aims to bring forward the discussions that we're missing, but that are worthwhile to have. It is made by me, Timm, a nerdy feminist hobby photographer and lawyer.

A word on schedule: A Faster Horse isn't an all-around weekly podcast. I can't produce quality that's worth your time on a weekly basis. Therefore, I'm taking a few weeks to produce mini seasons on specific topics like photography, user interface, movies, games, or potentially any aspect of technology, really. I'm gonna dole out the episodes weekly. There may also be the occasional one-off episode.

In putting this podcast together, I had help by two amazing friends of mine. The cover art is by Eike Drescher, and the music is by Oladi Naht. Check out their stuff!

I'd love to hear your feedback. Drop me a line!

— Timm

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